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TradeLam began as a laminating company. No one in Central or South Texas laminates more printed sheets than we do. Our fully automated lamination equipment can do anything you need. From small rigid badges to soft-touch book covers, we can laminate just about anything printed on a press or a digital copier.


As a full service bindery, TradeLam has automated equipment for perfect binding, coil bind, Wire-O, tape bind, and more. Our high-speed equipment and decades of experience means you get the best quality for your client, with super-quick turn-times and great prices.


TradeLam provides many regular and hard-to-find services including, signature gathering, double-sided tape, padding, paper duplexing, edge-painting, UV coating, cutting, drilling, corner rounding, grommets, lanyards, slot-punching and a whole lot more.


Single-Sided Lamination


Laminating one side is what you need for perfect-bound book covers, case-bound book covers, dust jackets , software boxes, pocket folders, post cards, booklet covers, and much more. . .

Double-Sided Lamination


Two-Sided Laminating provides outstanding protection and appearance. From restaurant menus to marketing materials, reference guides to ID badges, and everything in between; we have the fastest two-sided laminating equipment in Central Texas to meet your deadlines.

Velvet Lamination


Velvet or Soft Touch laminate can easily wow a target audience by providing a deeper and richer look to printed materials. This high-end technique is a perfect choice for those businesses looking for something that really stands out.


Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding (Paperback Book)

Perfect Bound books have a very professional appearance yet they’re quite economical to produce. They can also accommodate hundreds of pages and be several inches thick, plus they stack and display extremely well. Furthermore, the square spinal edge formed by the perfect binding method usually allows for the book’s title or other information to be printed on the spine…something the saddle stitch and spiral binding methods do not offer.

Wire-O Binding


Wire binding is one of the most popular commercial book binding methods used in North America and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, Wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wirebind. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.

Coil Binding


Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is an extremely popular book binding style for creating documents, reports, presentations and proposals. This binding style is known by a number of names including spiral coil, color coil, colorcoil, ez-coil, plastic coil, spiral binding, plastikoil and coilbind. Coil-bound documents have the ability to open flat on a desk or table and offer 360 degree rotation for easy note taking. This binding style is extremely durable and is a logical choice for documents that need to be mailed. Coil binding spines are also available in more colors and sizes than any other binding style.

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