Two-Sided Lamination

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Most laminating films fall into one of three main categories: Polyester (PET), Polypropylene (OPP), and Nylon. Polyester films are the films normally used for two-sided laminating. Polypropylene and Nylon are only available in very thin films and are almost exclusively used for one-sided laminating.

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  • Polyester (PET) -- Most durable, encapsulation
  • Polypropylene (OPP) -- Dry-erasable, least expensive
  • Nylon -- Lay-flat

Double-Sided Lamination Film Types:

  • Gloss or Matte
  • 10 mil, 5 mil, 3 mil,1.5 mil

Polyester Highlights

  • available in 10 mil, 5 mil, 3 mil,1.5 mil thicknesses
  • can be encapsulated with "edge-seal"
  • most durable film

Polyester-based films provide excellent scuff, scratch and tear resistance. The film’s copolymer adhesive creates an excellent bond to a variety of printed stocks including coated sheets and offset prints with heavy ink coverage. Polyester lamination works great for restaurant menus, ID credentials (badges), bookmarks, marketing flyers, reference materials, and lots of other utilitarian products that need to last a long time.

Polypropylene Highlights

  • least expensive film available
  • can be used for write-on/wipe-off (dry-erase)
  • folds easily

Nylon Highlights

  • Helps prevent curling on single-sided lamination
  • very durable