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  • How many extras / "overs" do I need to send for a bindery job?

    Related Terms: Mil, Ratio, Thickness, Stiffness

    There is no rule that applies to every bindery job. Generally, for mechanical binding like coil and wire-o, 3% or 10 books, which ever is greater. Obviously, on an order of 10 books this rule doesn't work. The rule doesn't work well for 50,000 books either. It is best to ask how many overs will be needed when you request your price estimate from TradeLam.

  • Why do some laminated sheets feel more stiff than others with the same thickness of lamination?

    Related Terms: Mil, Ratio, Thickness, Stiffness

    Lamination thickness is different from the laminate stiffness or rigidity.The thickness of the laminate is measured in mil or 1/1000th of an inch. One mil is the same thicness as one point when measuring paper thickness. Common laminate thicknesses include 10 mil, 5 mil, 3 mil and 1.5 mil. The thickness is measured per side, so 2-sided 10 mil lamination adds a total of 20 mil to the total thickness of the piece. For any thickness of laminate there can be different ratios of plastic and adhesive. Higher ratios of plastic to adhesive will be more stiff than lower ratios. Ask your TradeLam Sales Rep for more information about available ratios.

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